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The NEW Topsy Turvy Machine transforms traditional hard pack
ice cream into a rich creamy treat!

 If you're looking for an amazing new business venture with a patented technology that transforms hand dipped single serve ice cream into the consistency of soft serve look no further Topsy Turvy is the answer for you! 

What is the
Topsy Turvy Machine?

The Topsy Turvy Machine is a new revolution in ice cream! This unique invention transforms hand-dipped hard ice cream into a wonderful creamy consistency that's similar to soft serve.

The Topsy Turvy is an entire ice cream shop in one machine! It allows you to take your favorite flavors and transform them into delicious treats like milkshakes, smoothies and flurries and puts your location on the map by being the only show in town to offer these one of a kind treats! 

Your customers get to join in on the fun by adding their own natural flavors, favorite candy, nuts, fruit and more without all of the flavor extracts and jells. The possibilities are endless! 



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You Get the Best of Both Worlds!

When compared to the traditional soft serve machine the Topsy Turvy machine is:

1/3 of the price.

The Topsy Turvy Machine is an affordable and allows you to keep more profit for your business!

Less Utilities & Labor

Pay less utilities and labor costs due to a proprietary & innovative design.

Less Waste & Cleaning Time

The Topsy Turvy Machine creates little to no waste.

Less Maintenance

Less maintenance means more uptime and more money in your pocket!

The Topsy Turvy Machine Has a Small Footprint Which Makes Them Great For:

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Ice Cream Parlors

Concession Vendors

Food Service Stores

Institutional Centers

Assisted Living Centers
...And More - The Possibilities Are Endless!
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